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Is Painting Dead

April 29th, 2014

Is Painting Dead

Museum & Art Galleries Group

Painting will never be dead, period. Visitors come to my house and enjoy the oil paintings always. I paint from my soul and personal experiences from my life. I paint for the joy of it, I paint for me. I love to share my stories… spoken from my every brush stroke, it is my poetry, music and life story. There will be nothing better for me to pass on when I pass over. I think people look for that common day comfort of peaceful feeling to turn to after a long complicated day. Its about feelings, not about weather the piece will be the right color, frame or quantity. A painting should be a process, 70% of thought and 30% creating.
To look at the real deal compared to something computer generated, art just does not compare. Yes, our world has changed to accommodate for time, convenience, and what could be easier. How easy to just keep plugging out cookie cutter generated art. It always blows my mind when someone asks me if I use a real brush and...