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Are we ready to accept digital art as an adequate art form?

May 26th, 2014

(Linda Simon commented on a discussion in Art Collecting Network, Linkedin. Are we ready to accept digital art as an adequate art form? Are there any Art Collectors collecting digital art?)
Linda Simon~ Fine Art
I have nothing against digital art. Many hours have been spent enjoying many.I am a painter of traditional Oil Painting, it is my passion. I just think digital art should be recognizable at all costs to be it own entity, Just as photographs, sculptures, traditional artists and abstract etc.. Lets all be fair about what we are really representing for its' own beauty. I feel a huge difference goes into the creations of digital as say traditional. Digital artist play and look for what they want to manipulate sometimes even stumbling on what they have created, all creative and enjoying! A good traditional artist will research and methodically plot. Sometimes I will spend as much of the time actually researching as painting. Most of my work is based on my experiences in life weather big or small. I also find for every heart ache I endure my work improves as if my soul is mending. At the end of the day I will admit if you gave me the choice of picking a digital work or traditional…… I would pick the one and only original painted with a paint brush and real paint. As per a comment on painting will die because digital will replace it is wrong….it will never die! As the saying goes adversity is what makes the world go around!

Linda Simon - Fine Art America

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November 9th, 2011

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