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Linda Simon

Linda Simon

Contemporary Artist


Artist Biography:
Art played a big role for Ms. Simon very early on in her life. Taking Art very serious, Linda was fruitful of accomplishment and appreciation from others. Making use to all that was offered in High School, she took Mechanical drawing, a two year trade school commercial art program, and almost triple majored in Art. Her artist influences include Norman Rockwell, Edgar Degas, Renoir and Nicolas Poussin's "Adoration of the Shepherds". Linda has quality, Contemporary Fine Art based on the enduring aesthetic principles of the old masters, using faces of her family, pets, and dear friends holding hints of Linda's life. Ms. Simon works predominately in non-traditional oils(non-toxic), incorporating pure pigments in her glazing, she also is accomplished in paper mach, clay, charcoal, color pencil, scratch board, pastels, ceramics, watercolors, gouache, airbrush, acrylics, graphite and pen and ink. Her other endeavors include textile and furniture design, refurbishing her 1883 home and the antiques that reside there, cake decorating, painting murals (home & auto), and set designs. She has lived in Central New York all her life. Linda attended Mohawk Valley Community College where she honed her illustration and design skills to gain an AAS degree in Advertising, Design, and Production. The curriculum was a concentrated version (four years into 2) of the Pratt Institute of Design program. After college she was as a Graphic Artist/Technician, where she created everything pre-press and additionally, taught seminars and apprenticeships on photography/prepress. Unfortunately early in her career she was overexposed on the job to many high cancer causing carcinogens, becoming very sick with Environmental Illness. Linda's illness has severely affected her immune system forcing her to stop working. Her true passion is painting in the comfort of her 3rd floor studio, creating joyful scenes that make all admirers happy, and even laugh. Linda lives with her daughter Hillary, two chocolate labs and two blue bengal cats. She has a beautifully decorated Victorian home, displaying her wonderful antiques and paintings for visitors to enjoy.
Linda has been featured:
Giclee of "Derreks Homerun" 3' x5' on the set for CBS CWTV Pilot~ Danni Lowinski (January 2011)
Natural Awakenings Magazine (June 2011 Cover)
Auction of "Play of Yesterday" for USA Field Hockey Olympic Committee (August 2011)
Linda Simon's work has been shown in many local exhibits, and her work has been selected multiple times for exhibition in the Art Expo Show in New York City, and the Neocon Exhibit in Chicago.
Contact: Hillary Simon~ Owner & Art Representative for Linda Simon Fine Art


NaZinnias by Linda Simon


Dancing in the Sun by Linda Simon


Spring by Linda Simon


Kara's Poppies by Linda Simon


Grandma Lights Peonies by Linda Simon


A Rose by Linda Simon


Faces of Spring by Linda Simon


Kilauea Lighthouse by Linda Simon


Jaden's Catch by Linda Simon


Margaret and W.C. Fields by Linda Simon


Hess'er Puppies by Linda Simon


Old Barn by Linda Simon


West Road Barn - All Rights Reserved by Linda Simon


Heidi's Secret by Linda Simon


1980 Barn by Linda Simon


Cooper by Linda Simon


Fluff and Flutter by Linda Simon


Hot Potatoes by Linda Simon


Reptilian Love by Linda Simon


Clown in the Anemone by Linda Simon


Mad Clown by Linda Simon


Funky Frog by Linda Simon


Lets Cook by Linda Simon


Henry Ford by Linda Simon


Go Garrison by Linda Simon


Gone Fishing by Linda Simon


Hobo by Linda Simon


Jared's Bears Sepia by Linda Simon


Jared's Bears by Linda Simon


Hear the Music by Linda Simon


Tea Time for Alexis by Linda Simon


McKenna's Tea Party by Linda Simon


Handyman by Linda Simon


Hand in Hand by Linda Simon


Stealing of the Orchard by Linda Simon


Deep in Thought by Linda Simon


Grandma B's Bears by Linda Simon


Shirley Temple by Linda Simon


Thistle by Linda Simon


Brandy by Linda Simon


James Dew Dean by Linda Simon


Ivy by Linda Simon



Marilyn Monroe Line Drawing by Linda Simon


Marilyn Monroe Ink Wash by Linda Simon


Marilyn Monroe -Stipple by Linda Simon


Marilyn Monroe- scratch bd by Linda Simon


City Inking by Linda Simon


Kendra's Sun by Linda Simon